Graphic ability is what I have to share with you.

Why did I take the risk, leave my job, move to Austin, start a business?  Because I am...
In service through teaching... In the flow with design...  In spirit when capturing images.


I’m Virginia Brodie… software instructor, graphic designer and photographer.

I provide direct, personal service backed by extensive experience in the industry:

  • 15 years as an Adobe Training Specialist
  • 37 years as a Graphic Arts Designer
  • 24 years in Desktop Publishing
  • 18 years in the Printing Industry
  • 33 years as a Photographer

Adobe Certified Instructor

I love what I do and enjoy sharing what I know with others.  My passion is to help each client become capable, self sufficient and successful.

I am an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator; and  Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. I worked at Digital Training & Designs in Dallas, as an Adobe Certified Instructor for 15 years. During the “Congratulations, Top-Performing AATCs and ACIs” Adobe Program (2006, to program end, in 2009), I regularly placed in the Top 5 highest-rated Adobe trainers in the world.

Graphic Designer

I delight in combining disconnected pieces into a cohesive, creative whole.  I love hearing, "Ah, YES, that's it!" when I bring my clients' concepts to life.

Clients benefit from my strong background in the graphic arts, including layout and design, desktop publishing, video and multimedia production and print production.


It thrills me to find hidden treasures in everyday objects and scenes. I am fulfilled when I am able to share an appreciation for the beauty in life.

Whether setting up the perfect light in the studio or looking for that perfect light out in the world, I will help you create an arresting image that sells your products, illustrates the wonder of your garden, or captures your event.



Adobe Photoshop Beach Footprint Image

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