Photoshop is used to edit photos, whether it is just a correction of color, or exposure or intricate compositions. Photography enriches any publication and is most effective when the images are of the highest quality. In the real world, producers of publications are often faced with less than optimal images. Bad images will erode your consumer’s trust in your communication. Photoshop is THE tool to use to make any image the best it can be.

InDesign is the industry standard desktop publishing application used to lay out newsletters, posters, brochures, flyers, books, ads, office forms and documents... the list goes on. It is also a great tool for producing digital publications such as eBooks, interactive PDFs and digital magazines.

Whereas Photoshop is all about photos, Illustrator is all about illustrations—what graphic artists use to create logos, maps, icons, technical drawings and more. These types of artwork are considered drawings, also known as “line art.” Once again, Adobe has cornered the market when it comes to desktop publishing tools. Illustrator is the industry standard.

Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is a way to publish interactive, InDesign documents to tablet devices with NO coding. Publishing with DPS creates engaging content for magazines, business or educational publications that can be distributed to the public through the iTunes store or Google Play, or privately within a company or organization. Magazines such as National Geographic, O Magazine and People use DPS. Renault uses DPS for marketing communications publications and catalogs.

 “I have graphic ability, so can you!

I love making learning fun—especially in those magic moments when the fear disappears
and that creative spark lights up their eyes.”




Instructor:  Virginia Brodie, Houston, Texas


Virginia Brodie instructing a student in Adobe softwareWhether you are seeking new computer software skills or want to expand your knowledge of computer software, I can take you from your current abilities to the next level in graphic communications.

I provide personalized, one-on-one certified training in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Digital Publishing Suite. My teaching style is relaxed, patient, and informal.

As a graphic designer, I bring my knowledge of the industry to each lesson, sharing practical, real-world experience that you can use in your projects every day.

Individual attention saves time and solves the problem.

You walk into a person-to-person, activity-based, hands-on training class, rather than a large classroom lecture course or a fast paced, impersonal video. You work directly with me as we use the software in exercises that match your skill level.

Experience an easy-going, comfortable learning environment where you enjoy learning new skills while increasing your speed, confidence and proficiency.

Personalized Adobe software training is the right choice.

  • Personalized, hands-on training
  • Training at your location
  • Relaxed learning environment
  • Classes tailored to fit your needs and projects
  • Reference book included
  • After class support
  • Custom prices for custom training


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