“I have graphic ability, let it work for you!

Solving production problems appeals to the puzzle-loving nerd in me.
I'm good at it, it's fun—and I get great results."



Graphic Designer:  Virginia Brodie, Houston, Texas


Too many deadlines? Not enough help? Your solution is here.

I can provide fast, expert graphic design support for all your graphics needs. My 37 years of real-world experience – from print prepress to graphic production, from graphic design to desktop publishing, from marketing literature to website design, and everything in between – ensures your next project's success. I’m efficient, intuitive and versatile. I take pride in providing quality work, and on-time delivery.


 Graphic Design ● Desktop Publishing ● Interactive Multimedia

Marketing Literature ● Web Site Design

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3M • Hart Communication Foundation • NLP Austin

The National Alliance • Carol Adams • Solutions for Diabetes • JoyTech

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